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Last year was crazy!
I really don’t think anyone thought last year was actually going to be the roller coaster that it was!
Unprepared and under-educated about reality, most of us stepped into the new year with a shallow confidence and an irresponsible sense of invincibility.

A week into 2012, things begun to happen, they would go by unnoticed as the summer days of January rolled on.
We continued to live unaware of another dimension; this dimension that would shake us up and scare us, but this would also give us another light and a greater way to see the world.

I guess you can’t really move forward without fear.

Continuously parting ways with reality and the pain, the pain that felt like it would slice you whenever you felt vulnerable, it was easy to distract ourselves with mind-altering substances; alcohol and loud music.
As the year progressed into a change, we progressed further away from our personal problems.

From running so fast, so blindly, September arrives, spring begins to blossom, and although we are completely unaware, so do we. This blossoming does not come without a price, and a lesson. We hit a wall, a hard, cold, ruthless wall.

Finally, we wake up. We take a step back and see, what mess we were obliviously living in, and what mess we were constantly escaping from.
Through such pain can only come such beauty.

The next spring months followed through as expected, and we became forced to stop and take a hard look at ourselves.

It wasn’t easy to really look, straight into your own eyes, and feel as though you don’t even know the person you really are, the friends you really have, and the life you have never treasured.
Very slowly, but surely, we move through this pain, this suffering and this wall that was of cold, hard concrete, built up so strong with our refusal to really feel emotion, and open our eyes to what we really needed for our own well-being.

The summer months brightened up our world like a long awaited, warm hug.

Our attitudes were changing, we WERE waking up, we could step back and really put our lives into perspective. Look at these people who have hurt us, look at this pain we’ve suffered through; accept it.

Now look at these people who have supported you, look at how far you have really come. You have grown, you have have learned more than you could ever learn off a book, you lived through the struggle, and came through this a much stronger human being.
Appreciate the pain you have, although it seems inescapable; never forget that your growth from this will be immeasurable.
Last year was one hell of a ride, but there is nothing I would do to change it. It was a beautiful journey, filled with happiness, sadness, pain and growth.

2013 was and still is welcomed with a warm heart and open arms! This year, I am going overseas, alone for 2 months. This is a huge step, but it will be amazing, I am now living from a space of acceptance, and strength.

If a problem encounters my journey, I work through it, this is how we grow as people.

I am ready to really live consciously, not obliviously.

You can never really understand true happiness until you’ve suffered through sadness; I also strongly believe you can never be of strength until you encounter such pain.

Life gives to us what we can handle, I don’t believe we are thrown anything that we are not fully capable of dealing with.

Happy and safe 2013 for everyone and their loved ones!

Beach Mornings


The 7am walk along the beach is so beautiful


Decided a drunken walk was needed in the hype of 2013 beginning! Along the way, one of the girls started crying because an old relative was seen crying..
Both girls immediately embraced one another for a hug..

An Eye for An Eye Makes the Whole World Blind

This was taken on Monday night, NYE!
A couple of girlfriends and I drove up to Rye for a couple of nights to stay with another friend, we ended up going to her extended families house and partied all night with LOTS of greeks! It was so much fun!

A Cold and Wet Day in Sydney

Back in winter, two girlfriends and I decided to jump on a plane to Sydney, Australia for a couple of nights over the long weekend. It was great to get away from the non-stop commotion in Melbourne, even if it was only for 48 hours!

29th Floor, Penthouse Livin'

On my birthday this year, I booked and paid for an apartment in the heart of the city of Melbourne, for me and my closest girlfriends. It was beautiful, the balcony was big and the view from the top floor was absolutely breathtaking. There was a gorgeous ceiling to floor window right in front of the bed.
Taking photos from up here was like, one of them moments where you stop, look down, and see all the people scurrying like ants, and you sit back and take it all in, the life you’ve been blessed with, the happiness your family and friends bring you, the fact that you’ve happily and safely made it to your birthday despite any repercussions that may have interfered in the past.


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